Miami Foodie Guide


We lived in South Florida for four years and some of the best food in the United States is definitely in Miami! I’m breaking down my FAVORITE twelve foodie spots in Miami, Florida. These are places I was a repeat-eater at and recommend if you’re planning a trip, or if you live there and haven’t tried them yet!

I tried to break this list down to ten, but I had to have twelve!


So here we go…



Ooh Raw! is a cute little tropical spot located in Wynwood in Miami. They have poké bowls and these delicious giant pineapple açaí bowls! The only thing I don’t love? It’s pretty pricey. You can definitely share one of these with a friend!



Coyo Taco is another one of my favorites in the Wynwood area! Their tacos are amazing and they have a delicious salsa bar as well! Oh, and delicious margaritas! Need I say more?



Fireman Derek’s is a sweet-tooth’s dream come true! They have the best pies around and their location is so super adorable and colorful. This location is also in the Wynwood area!


Santo Dulce has a cute little food truck in the Wynwood Yard. They make these insane churro sundaes that are SO delicious – and totally photogenic! Ha!



Midtown Creamery, in you guessed it, Midtown, is such a fun little spot! They have so many cool sundaes and treats, but I’m a sucker for their bubble waffle cones – to die for!



Morgan’s Restaurant in between Midtown and Wynwood is the CUTEST brunch spot! It’s a house that they transformed into a restaurant and they have some of the best breakfast food I’ve ever had! Definitely a great spot for friends to meet up! Mimosas anyone?



If you’re staying on Miami Beach, look no further than The Local House for breakfast or brunch! This cute little spot delivers up some delish mimosas and the pancakes … just wow!




OTL is a fun spot in the Miami Design District to have a cup of Joe or some avocado toast! Not only is the food delicious, the turquoise tables are a huge hit on Instagram! This a fun spot for a coffee date with a friend.


IMG_5409 3

Dreamer Miami is an Instagram paradise! They have the CUTEST café with yummy matcha drinks, smoothies, açaí bowls and more!



Another favorite spot at Brickell City Centre is Tacology! Their menu concept is so cool; they have iPad’s that you order your food on… and it comes out within MINUTES. It’s so fast, and it allows you to continuously order more drinks and food! They have tacos, eloté, guac, awesome margs and more … such a great spot for friends!




Okay, 1-800-Lucky is definitely one of the MUST DO spots if you’re hitting up Miami! This cute little asian-fusion spot has so many options … ramen, poké, bbq, wok, dim sum, and sushi. Not to mention, in the outdoor section there is Taiyaki NYC where you can get dole whip and fish shaped cones with unicorn or matcha ice cream flavors!





If you’ve followed me on social media for some time, you already know I love The Salty Donut. I’ve been going to eat their donuts since they were in a tiny trailer, and now they have multiple stores and are even expanding to my new home of Dallas, Texas. This place is the bees-knees. I mean it. They put so much attention and detail into the flavors and textures of their donuts – they are works of art, and they are delicious. DO NOT miss this spot if you’re traveling to Miami, promise you won’t regret it!

That’s all folks! I hope you will find this guide useful for your next trip to Miami!


This concludes my Miami Foodie Guide blog post. I hope that you enjoyed my blog and please feel free to hit CONTACT to ask me any questions! Please feel free to tell me about YOUR travels across the US and abroad; I love to hear from y’all!


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When we traveled to Boston in October of 2018, I knew I had to make a trip up to Salem! We were able to take the train from downtown to Salem, and it took a little under an hour to get there! The views were beautiful as well. Most of the city we were able to walk, however we did take an Uber once or twice!salemwitchmuseum




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The Salem Witch Museum was very interactive and interesting! The museum has a guided section with interactive presentations and a self-guided portion that discuss the Salem Witch Trials of 1692. It was really eye-opening and sad what so many of the women went through, many of whom were killed and did not – you guessed it – participate in “witchcraft”. The tour is about an hour long and very educational! At the time of this post, the cost is $13 for adults.

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After our tour, we spent some time walking around Salem. It really is a beautiful little town, right on the water!

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Salem during October is decked from head-to-toe in orange and black and hats and pumpkins! There were several little streets lined with food vendors and shopping! It was so fun!

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It is very clear that Salem has a theme going for it! You can find something “witchy” at almost every turn in the main area of the city!

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I even ran into this cute little Bewitched Statue & yes, there was a line to take a photo with it!

hocuspocushouseProcessed with VSCO with c5 preset

Okay, Hocus Pocus was always one of my favorite October movies growing up. I probably would have gone to Salem just to see it! Haha! If you don’t know what Hocus Pocus is, it is a Classic Halloween Disney movie that is still very popular today! The house is located at 8 Ocean Avenue – please be respectful as this is a private residence.

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Speaking of Hocus Pocus, there is another famous location from the movie in Salem! The house of the character Allison is also in Salem!


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If you’ve seen the movie Hocus Pocus, you will recognize this as Allison’s house! It was featured in the movie during the Halloween Party! It is located at 318 Essex Street and is open for tours!

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The Witch House is the only structure still standing in Salem with connections to the Salem Witch Trials. This was the home of Jonathan Corwin, the Judge who was called on to investigate the claims of witchcraft in Salem and was part of the court that sent nineteen people to the gallows. There are guided house tours here.

After walking around Salem all afternoon, we were ready for a bite to eat!


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The New England Soup Factory of Salem is so delicious! They are located in Salem in a cute and quaint little shop. I am a huge fan of soup, and when the weather is chilly in New England, this is the perfect spot! I loved it! 10/10 recommend if you are in Salem!

After having lunch, we headed back to the train station to go back to Boston for the evening! You can definitely make this a day trip or longer if you so choose!

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This concludes my Salem blog post. I hope that you enjoyed my blog and please feel free to hit CONTACT to ask me any questions! Please feel free to tell me about YOUR travels across the US and abroad; I love to hear from y’all!


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The Freedom Trail – Boston


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Do you love history like Tyler and I? If you answered yes, then one of the things you MUST DO in Boston, MA is visit The Freedom Trail!


But what is it, and why should you care?! The Freedom Trail is a collection of historical sites around Boston that you can actually walk along until the end of the “trail”. They are marked along a “red brick road” – a line of red bricks leading you on your journey, and are marked with plaques indicating their significance to Boston and United States History. This was definitely one of my favorite parts of our Boston trip, and I highly recommend you visit each spot!


Disclaimer: This is a LONG walk. It can be broken up into days if you so choose!

So… let’s go!

I’ll be marking the spots in RED so that you know it is a destination along the trail.



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The Boston Common is where you will begin your journey. Here you can purchase maps and visit different historical sites within the Common itself. The Boston Common is the United States’ oldest public park. It was established in 1634 when Puritan colonists purchased the land rights. See my Boston Blog to read more of the wonderful things to do in the Common.



The Massachusetts State House holds the Executive and Legislative branches for the state!



Park Street Church was founded in 1809 and was one of the first true landmarks of Boston!



The headstones here are very old but the grounds are beautifully kept! If you have any interest in seeing the final resting place of Samuel Adams, Paul Revere, and John Hancock – this is it!



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This chapel was founded in 1686 by King James II for the Church of England, and it is still standing today!


We missed the Benjamin Franklin Statue at the Latin School along the way!



Several famous historical authors were first published here, including Emerson, Hawthorne, and Longfellow! The Scarlet Letter anyone? It is now a Chipotle!



This meeting house is the home of several of the most important arguments in our US History, including the argument that led to the Boston Tea Party!



This is Boston’s oldest public building, and stands behind the site of the Boston Massacre. You can find a stone circle plaque for the massacre here.



Faneuil Hall is famous for the arguments of Samuel Adams against “taxation without representation”.



This is the home of Paul Revere himself, complete with his own historical items inside. They do have tours here, however we chose to keep moving along the trail at this point.



Old North Church is best known because of Paul Revere’s midnight ride, “one if by land, two if by sea”. It is also Boston’s Oldest Church! Unfortunately, the whole area was under construction during our visit.




This historical graveyard has graves from the late 17th to 19th century! It is the final resting place of many from the North End.



The ship is also nicknamed “Old Ironsides”. The USS Constitution is the oldest commissioned warship afloat! She earned her named during the War of 1812.



Making your way to the top of the Bunker Hill monument, the site of one of the first battles of the Revolutionary War, is the end of the Freedom Trail! The Battle of Bunker Hill was fought on June 17th, 1775! It was the first major battle of the Revolutionary War.


If you made it until the end, congratulations, you’ve walked the Freedom Trail!



This concludes my Freedom Trail blog post. I hope that you enjoyed my blog and please feel free to hit CONTACT to ask me any questions! Please feel free to tell me about YOUR favorite travels across the US and abroad; I love to hear from y’all!


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Mike’s Pastry vs. Modern Pastry


Who doesn’t love cannoli? Okay, I get that there are people who don’t. But this is written for the people who do … like me! When in Boston, there is a “right of passage” so to speak when it comes to Cannoli. There are a lot of arguments that go along with the “best cannoli in Boston”. Before I traveled to Boston I knew I would be trying both, and that I would have to come back to Miami (where I lived at the time) and give my vote!

Before I choose a winner, let’s talk about what I loved about BOTH places, and what I didn’t like.



Let’s talk about WHERE these bakeries are located first. They are both in the North End of Boston, also known as their Little Italy. Both have great locations in a beautiful historical area of Boston!

So let’s get down to the good stuff.. AKA the cannolis. Disclaimer: I tried the SAME cannoli at both locations to be fair!


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Something about Mike’s Pastry just yells “tradition”, and I loved that. The bakery was founded in 1946 by Michael “Mike” Mercogliano who moved to the North End from Italy when he was 12 years old! Talk about authentic!

When you arrive, you will wait in a long line (no matter what time of day), and once you get to the door, the lines open up into several other lines which pretty much look like a massive group of people and not lines. The key is to get one of the workers’ attention once you get close enough to the glass counters.

I made my way through what may have been a line to the front and got to order my traditional cannoli. The staff was very friendly despite the I’m sure hundreds and hundreds of people they serve a day. Mike’s Pastry has a TON of choices for cannolis, all different shells and fillings and toppings! They also offer many other pastries.

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Mike’s Pastry’s traditional cannoli (deep fried pastry dough with a creamy ricotta filling and chocolate chips) was really good! The filling was FANTASTIC. The size of the cannoli was perfect. The powdered sugar ratio was also wonderful. The only downside? They didn’t pipe the cannoli fresh, so the shell was slightly mushy. This could have been the luck-of-the-draw for my particular shell, but I like my shell very crunchy!


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Modern Pastry is also rooted in tradition! Modern Pastry has been family owned and operated on Hanover Street for over 70 years.

The line at Modern Pastry was longer, but easier to navigate as there are walkways inside keeping everyone in their place. Be prepared to wait!

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Modern also has a large display of other pastries and goodies to choose from, but let’s get to the good stuff… the cannoli. There aren’t as many choices for cannoli at Modern Pastry, but I was only interested in the traditional!

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Modern Pastry’s traditional cannoli was so delicious! The cannoli itself was as big as the box and the ricotta cream was delicious! The shell was crunchy and not too sweet! The ratio of chips to powdered sugar were delicious!






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Modern Pastry was my winner, hands down! The cannoli was absolutely perfect and I highly recommend trying them! Both cannolis were wonderful and deserve to be tried. I would love to know your thoughts and opinions on which you like better too! If you happen to go and try both, tag me in your favorite with the hashtag #travelingalyssa !


This concludes my Mike’s Pastry vs. Modern Pastry blog post. I hope that you enjoyed my blog and please feel free to hit CONTACT to ask me any questions! Please feel free to tell me about YOUR favorite cannoli from across the US and abroad; I love to hear from y’all!


All photos are my own and are not to be used without the blogger/photographer’s permission. Thank you.



Boston – 4 Day Itinerary


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Boston is by far one of my favorite cities I’ve traveled to thus far. I’m excited to share our 3-Day Itinerary with y’all! We traveled during October 2018 to Boston; I just love it here in the fall! Although I’m sure there are times all year round to visit, I really believe this place is just BEAUTIFUL in the fall.


Boston was a special trip for a few reasons! 1) It was our 7 year anniversary trip! 2) It was our first experience with Air BnB – and we LOVED it!

After arriving to Boston Logan International Airport, we “checked in” to our adorable Air BnB in Beacon Hill – my favorite little area in Boston! Our Air BnB was a cute little apartment in a gorgeous Brownstone in a beautiful brick-road area of Boston called Beacon Hill. As far as getting around, we mostly walked, used Uber for further distances, and took the train over to Salem!


As our first Air BnB experience, I was SO pleased! Checking in was super easy, and our room was quaint and quiet! It feels so much more personal to be living like a local and being among real Bostonians. It was a wonderful experience and we actually booked our next Air BnB right after! My particular Air BnB is listed HERE. (This is not sponsored.)




The first thing I wanted to see when we arrived was the Boston Common. It did not disappoint, wow! Boston Common is a beautiful park located in the heart of Boston.


With “Weeping Willows” – my favorite type of tree, everywhere, and gorgeous lakes, it was so pretty! We wandered around for awhile and walked to the entrance of the Back Bay area of the city.




Thanks to some local Boston blogger friends, I knew exactly where I wanted to go next – Tatte Bakery! We went to the Back Bay location, which was super cute with subway tile on the wall, beautiful lighting, and yummy treats and coffee!


I had a latte, a pistachio tart and a slice of apple pie! DELICIOUS. And how cute are those marble tables?!


I even had the chance to meet Chelsea Roy from ABC’s The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise! She was so sweet and kind and even agreed to take a photo with me! She has an amazing blog including her travels that y’all totally need to check out >> here.


After coffee and pastries, we wandered around the Back Bay area a little bit! I LOVED this area and highly recommend seeing it on your trip! There are cute little shops and cafes EVERYWHERE! All set in these gorgeous brick buildings – swoon!




I had heard about flower shaped gelato for awhile and just had to try it! Amorino has a cute little gelato shop in the Back Bay. I told the server she could make me whatever she liked best, and she created this delicious masterpiece mixed with mango, raspberry and other fruity gelato – yum! How cute is the little macaroon on top? It was tasty too!




Eataly is one of my favorite spots in NYC also has a location in Boston! It’s a giant Italian food hall with shops, wine, gelato and Italian restaurants! I always love going and checking out what’s cooking! I was happy to find out they are opening one in my new home of Dallas.




I always love taking in views of beautiful cities I travel to, so I always try and find the highest point! We went to the Skywalk Observatory at the Prudential Building and wow – talk about 360 degree views!! It was so gorgeous up there – we watched sunset and even got to see the lights come on at Fenway! There are interactive exhibits and historical exhibits as well, definitely a MUST DO! (Adult ticket price is $21.)




Luckily for me, one of my close friends Amanda used to live in Boston! She gave me the heads up that I HAD to eat at Monica’s Trattoria (Trattoria di Monica) in the North End – so I chose this for our 7th Anniversary dinner! IT WAS SO DELICIOUS. It was authentic,  fresh, and just gave me all the “Boston” vibes!

I tend to love “hole in the wall” and “mom and pop” type places, and this definitely had that vibe! Not to mention it is actually in the Little Italy of Boston – perfection! I had fresh ravioli and Tyler had lobster pasta, WOW. Ask about their daily specials! (Address: 67 Prince St #1827, Boston, MA 02113)

After dinner, we went out for some drinks and then got some much needed R&R for the next day – which would be the busiest!



To start out day two we headed over to one of the most famous streets in Boston and more specifically, Beacon Hill – Acorn Street.



Located in Beacon Hill, this famous cobblestone path is a photographer’s dream and in my opinion – a MUST DO. I just love all the historical buildings and streets in Boston.


That acorn door knocker?! So cute! We were here pretty early in the morning – around 9:30 AM, which was perfect and allowed us to take a lot of photos. I recommend going early; our Air BnB was only a minute’s walk away and we often saw a lot of people here in the afternoon.





Next we walked back over to the Boston Common to get started on our day exploring The Freedom Trail – I’m sharing my Freedom Trail guide HERE so that I can go into more detail!

not to miss

ducks (1)




“Make Way for Ducklings” Statues: These cute little duckling statues by Nancy Schon in the Boston Public Garden are so cool! They even get “dressed up” for the holidays! Their names are Jack, Kack, Lack, Mack, Nack, Pack, and Quack!






The Lagoon Bridge: You have to walk across this beautiful bridge if you visit the Boston Public Garden – the first public botanical garden! I loved the turquoise color of this bridge.





George Washington Statue:

Of course our very first United States President has his own statue in one of the most historical cities in America!








Fall Foliage: Boston is the perfect place to visit in the Fall! Boston Common is a wonderful place to see all of the foliage in bright reds, burnt oranges, and vibrant yellows… my favorite time of year.

Good Will Hunting Bench: We are both huge fans of the late Robin Williams, so we were excited to sit on the bench that he and actor Matt Damon sat on in the movie Good Will Hunting. We took a moment to sit and reminisce about Robin Williams. (I picked up a Boston Common map to find this!)

Along the freedom trail we enjoyed exploring and seeing the best of what Boston has to offer!


quincy market

We just HAD to try the famous food hall, Faneuil Hall Marketplace, for lunch on our way through the freedom trail! Turns out, they have one of my FAVE NYC bakeries – Magnolia Bakery, in Quincy Market!


Do not miss Magnolia Bakery’s Banana Pudding – it is world famous for a reason.


If you’re there in the Fall – Their Pumpkin Gingersnap Banana Pudding was to die for! YUM!


I tried a yummy place called MMMac N’ Cheese located in Quincy Market for my lunch! They have a ton of different flavors to choose from including Boston Seafood Mac, Buffalo Chicken Mac, Italian Mac, ETC. I tried the Classic American Mac!


There is SO much to choose from in Quincy Market, including the famous Lobster Rolls, Clam Chowder, Enchiladas, Sushi, and more! The famous “Cheers” bar is also here! The wait was FOREVER, but I snapped a quick photo!


Outside Faneuil Hall, there is also this awesome BOSTON sign!


Although I didn’t find much wall art in Boston, I did find one cool mural on the way through the Freedom Trail. (I do not have an exact location on this.)




There is a beautiful park system in Boston called the Emerald Necklace Conservancy. As you walk through Boston you will likely walk through part of them!


Next stop through our Freedom Trail walk was through Little Italy! I LOVE the architecture in this area; the buildings are so beautiful and historic. This is also where we had our first meal (see above) @ Monica’s Trattoria.



One of the most important things I HAD to do while in Boston was to compare the famous Cannoli shops in Little Italy – Modern Pastry and Mike’s Pastry!


Of course I tried them Modern Pastry AND Mike’s Pastry, I think it is a MUST DO to try both! I DO have a favorite… I will be sharing about my choice for Best Boston Cannoli and why in another blog post HERE! I also think that this is essential to any Boston Itinerary to visit both – when you do, let me know what you thought by using the hashtag #travelingalyssa and tagging me in your posts!



As we continued our walk on The Freedom Trail, we stopped by Union Square Donuts @ Boston Public Market as well to try some fall flavored donuts – Pumpkin and Apple Pie. I’m a picky donut eater, so I want to give full disclosure – I felt that they were good, not great!



After crossing the Charlestown Bridge as part of the Freedom Trail (I hate walking over bridges, haha!) I FINALLY tried Emack & Bolio’s and it was fantastic!!! I had Space Cake Ice Cream (cake batter ice cream with real vanilla and red velvet cake pieces) with a Fruity Pebbles Cone, SOOO good. They wrap their cones in marshmallow and cereal… amazing.



Walking around the Charlestown area was so beautiful! The city is so clean and full of historic buildings and cobblestone streets. I love the brownstones in Boston!



Boston is decorated so adorably in the fall close to Halloween!




For a late night dinner we went to the famous Regina Pizzeria! The pizza was good, but the experience itself was the most fun! Expect a wait when you come here, but the place is full of charm and authentically Boston!


After pizza, we went back to relax in our Beacon Hill brownstone!





To start Day Three, we went to Salem by train for the morning! I am sharing my trip to Salem in a separate blog post HERE.



After visiting Salem, we returned by train, got changed, and went to Fenway! Okay, so this may have been my favorite part of Boston. Why? There is nothing more “Boston” than Fenway. I LOVED IT. Tyler and I are huge sports fans, and we just had to do a tour of Fenway! It was totally worth it! Even if you’re not a huge baseball person, this place is so iconic and it is a MUST DO. You must purchase your tickets ahead of time, which you can do HERE. (Adult tickets are $21).


Along the outside of Fenway there are plenty of great bars and restaurants and gift shops! We walked around a bit here before our tour!

The tour took about an hour and a half, and during the tour we learned a lot about Fenway and the Boston Red Sox – history about the seats, the building itself, stories of players and fans, etc.


We took this shot with the Big Green Monster (the high left field wall at Fenway)!


Being in Fenway during October 2018 was so cool because the Red Sox were in the playoffs and actually went on to win the World Series!

There are plenty of photo-ops throughout – they’ll also take a photo at the beginning that you can purchase after the tour! You’ll have to take the tour to find out the history of the single red chair (see above)!



Another iconic “Boston” spot, is Harvard, duh. Okay, my inner Elle Woods definitely had to see this one, haha! I even wore my favorite rainbow striped sweater to bring out my inner Elle Woods.


In all seriousness, the Harvard Yard is so beautiful! There was so much hustle and bustle outside the campus itself in the area of Cambridge, including another Tatte Bakery and a Mike’s Pastry!


I had to take a photo with the John Harvard statue in the Harvard Yard! John Harvard was a minister and was the college’s first benefactor and the university’s namesake.


I had to see the Harvard Law School Library, assuming the this was probably where Elle Woods spent most of her time studying – “what like it’s hard?” – haha! In all seriousness, it was a BEAUTIFUL campus and I would love to go back and explore more when it isn’t storming!



We were craving a quick and delicious bite to eat before we met up with my friend Mike, so we tried this quaint little taco shop called Anna’s Taqueria! The flavors were so delicious – lime and spices mixed perfectly with chicken and pico de gallo, yum!



To have fun like a local, I enlisted the help of my friend Mike and his girlfriend Abby – who bar hopped with us a bit through Boston. We enjoyed some Sam Adams @ Bell in Hand Tavern, The Black Rose, and 21st Amendment – I loved them all! They also showed us a park (we took the subway train to East Boston) with AMAZING views called Lo Presti Park! My photos aren’t the best because it was so dark and we were honestly all just hanging out and taking in the views!


This was mostly a travel day for us, but before we left there were a few things left I really wanted to do and see!



We went to the Boston Harbor Hotel and visited the area known as Rowe’s Wharf – it is so beautiful and we were able to see boats coming and going from this area!




Would you believe that both times I went to see the Boston Public Library, it was closed? Bad planning on my part there – make sure to check the times first, and unlike me, don’t go on a holiday! The architecture itself is gorgeous though – and I’ve observed photos of the inside which looks AMAZING.


The area where the Boston Public Library is located is named Copley Square; the beautiful Trinity Church is located on the square as well as a quaint little park and food vendors.

An earlier photo with Trinity Church


Before heading to the airport, I HAD to try the Sticky Bun @ Flour Bakery and Cafe – we went to the Back Bay location. It was so delicious; I enjoyed it with a latte before heading off to the airport!


This concludes my Boston blog post. I hope that you enjoyed my blog and please feel free to hit CONTACT to ask me any questions! Please feel free to tell me about YOUR travels across the US and abroad; I love to hear from y’all!


All photos are my own and are not to be used without the blogger/photographer’s permission. Thank you.



Austin City Limits Guide


October 2019


Tyler and I went to our first Austin City Limits Music Festival together this October and it was AMAZING. If you’re planning on going this coming weekend or going next year – I wanted to share some of my favorite photos and best tips to have a great time at ACL!




Austin City Limits is a huge outdoor music festival located at Zilker Park in Austin, Texas  every October! There is a HUGE variety of music genres including rock n roll, country, hip hop, rap, indie, and more! This particular weekend had 8 different stages with music all day and night to choose from! The festival runs over two 3-day weekends, Friday through Sunday, in October.




Each year, the tickets go on sale early and typically sell out! We were lucky enough to win tickets in a giveaway from EASTside Magazine – thank y’all! I am linking the Austin City Limits website HERE so you can keep up to date on when tickets become available! Your tickets are actually WRISTBANDS that you will wear during the festival. There are one-day, three-day, and both weekend wristbands available as well as VIP options!

Ladybird Entrance!


  • Water Bottle – There are CamelBak stations throughout the park with FREE drinking water to refill all day long!
  • Sunscreen – But no Aerosols! Lather up, you’ll need it!
  • Bug Repellent – Creams ONLY – I learned this the hard way!
  • Mini Portable Fan – This literally saved my life
  • Blanket – You will thank yourself for this one, we used ours all day (there is limited seating and it’s usually taken)
  • Disposable Wipes – The port-o-potties have Purel, but I prefer to clean my hands before eating.
  • Bandana – I know this is a weird one, but you WILL want to cover your face with it instead of breathing in the dirt, trust me on this.
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Portable Charger – your phone will die, as will your portable rechargeable fan
  • Poncho – It almost always rains on one of the weekends, be prepared just in case!
  • Drawstring Bag – to carry it all!



I’m going to link the list of what NOT to bring HERE, but some general rules are:

  • NO large tote bags or purses or backpacks
  • NO aerosols
  • NO liquids – fill your water bottle when you enter
  • NO professional cameras, drones, or equipment
  • NO coolers


Note the comfy shoes ^^

IT IS RIDICULOUSLY HOT. Prepare your wardrobe accordingly. I would say the style at ACL was anything goes, from casual to rave style to festival style – there was a little bit of everything. My best advice is to be comfortable, and prepare to sweat. Wearing comfortable shoes is essential because there is a lot of walking at the festival. I recommend not wearing open-toed shoes as the grounds are grass and dirt and that becomes dirty pretty quickly!



So what did I learn from ACL? Here are a few of my best tips and tricks for y’all:

  • GET THERE EARLY! We arrived at 10:30 AM and were some of the first in line which meant we got to eat, get photos, and be front and center for a lot of the shows before it got too busy!
  • USE THE LADYBIRD ENTRANCE – There was literally NO comparison in how much longer the Barton Springs Entrance was. This is the best tip I received.
  • ACTIVATE YOUR WRISTBAND AND LINK YOUR CREDIT CARD – your wristband becomes your credit card for merchandise and food throughout the park and it is SO easy – you can activate it ahead of time online or on their app
  • HYDRATE – you will be dehydrated and people did pass out/get sick
  • BRING A WATER BOTTLE – and fill up at the CamelBak Hydration Stations all day!
  • LISTEN TO NEW ARTISTS – yeah it’s cool that a lot of famous artists come here every year, but part of the fun is listening to new artists and enjoying their music!
  • SCREENSHOT THE MAP – service is spotty so you’ll want a quick reference
  • ARRIVE AT STAGES EARLY – for artists you really want to see – 1-2 hours in advance is not out of the question if you want to be up front!



Our first time at Austin City Limits Music Festival – we were so excited! We arrived at about 10:30 AM – the gates opened at 11 AM on Saturday. We used the Lady Bird Entrance – BEST IDEA EVER. There are a ton of photo opps around the festival, so have fun with it! After going to the famous colorful flags and snapping some photos, we decided to get some grub!


This festival has BY FAR some of the best festival food I’ve ever had; I’m also partial because I just love Austin’s foodie scene! We ate from AND recommend:


  • Shadetree Lemonade – I went back three times
  • Salt Lick BBQ – Get the brisket!
  • The Peached Tortilla – TACOS, yum
  • Bananarchy – Chocolate Covered Frozen Bananas – hand dipped
  • Torchy’s Tacos – queso and chips was the perfect mid-day snack!

There are so many other food vendors to choose from – share with friends and try a few!


There are 8 different stages and we definitely watched performances at almost all of them! We have a great friend named Alex who plays in an awesome local Austin band called Night Cap – check them out! – and they played on the Tito’s Handmade Vodka Stage at 12:45! They were incredible!


One of the artists I have never heard of and LOVED was MisterWives at the Vrbo stage! They are a perfect example of the great thing about ACL – wandering around and hearing new artists! We chilled out on our blanket under a tree and listened!

Next we listened to Judah & the Lion at the T-Mobile stage – I already really like this band because they give me some Blink 182 throwback vibes but have their own style and sound! IT WAS 96 DEGREES OUTSIDE and this is your WARNING that you will be Hot and Sweaty! Prepare accordingly!


Billie Eilish was up next and she KILLED it! Her crowd was insanely large so we hung out at the Barton Springs Beer Hall near the Miller Lite stage to enjoy her show – it was close enough to chill with a beer, see the screens, and enjoy the music!

We ended our evening listening to The Cure at the Honda stage before heading out for the evening!


Austin City Limits Music Festival was an amazing experience! We ended the day sweaty and exhausted, but with our hearts full of wonderful music and memories.


This concludes my Austin City Limits blog post. I hope that you enjoyed my blog and please feel free to hit CONTACT to ask me any questions! Please feel free to tell me about YOUR favorite donuts across the US and abroad; I love to hear from y’all!


All photos are my own and are not to be used without the blogger/photographer’s permission. Thank you.



La Centrale – Bubbles and Truffles


Who loves Italian food, truffles, and sparkling wine?! ME! I am so excited to share with y’all about an amazing event that I attended this past Friday, February 22nd, 2018!


I was invited to an event named, “Bubbles and Truffles” at La Centrale, a Miami Italian Food Hall at Brickell City Centre. I was already a huge fan of this place, and I definitely recommend a visit if you’re traveling to Miami!


Over the last few years, I have been discovering a new love of WINE! So I was so excited to try a new brand, learn about their process, and taste their wine! Ferrari Trento hosted the event with La Centrale and Urbani Truffles to pair their sparkling wine with delicious truffle dishes!

Let’s get to the dishes and sparkling wines shall we?!

When we arrived to the event, we were immediately greeted with a glass of Ferrari Brut, crafted in mountainside vineyards in Italy. Matteo Lunelli, the President of Ferrari Trento, graciously welcomed us and informed us that this particular sparkling wine is often used for celebrations in Italy. How cool is that? This was probably my favorite sparkling wine, the bubbles were fine and the wine was tasty. I just love the way it sparkles! I was so happy to have been gifted with a bottle for home for my next celebration!

Ferrari Trento began in 1902 with a man named Giulio Ferrari – who wanted to compete with French Champagnes by creating a sparkling wine in the Trentino Mountains in Italy. Bruno Lunelli became the successor of Ferrari Trento, and Matteo Lunelli, the President of Ferrari Trento today, continued on the tradition as the 3rd generation of Lunelli’s to share the passion of their company.

Urbani Truffles began in 1852 with a man named Constantine Urbani, who began exporting fresh truffles from Italy to France.

After we had been seated, we were served Ferrari Perle Rosé Riserva. FANTASTIC! I’m already a huge fan of Rosé and this sparkling Rosé wine was just perfect. It was fresh and fruity, with the flavor of sweet almonds, and I loved the copper color.

The Ferrari Perle Rosé Riserva was served with La Cesare (Caesar Salad), Beef Carpaccio with black truffles and dijon mustard (incredible!), and Blueberry Flatbread (mascarpone, gorgonzola, almonds and honey – oh my goodness!). They were all absolutely fantastic and expertly paired!

Blueberry Flatbread
La Cesare
Beef Carpaccio

Matteo spoke about the importance of family and the significance of sitting down as a family to share a meal and sparkling wine. He spoke of the Italians’ way of appreciating the time spent with each other and taking the time to slow down, eat, drink, and enjoy. I really appreciated this and feel that is something I need to do more of in my own life!

Matteo spoke before each wine and plate pairing about the expert way in which they produce their wines in the Trentino Mountains of Italy. I especially loved learning about the way the sparkling wine is made and aged – as it is different than champagne and other wines.

As we moved on to our main course, we had the choice of Truffle Risotto with Urbani Truffles, Ossobuco Benedict (veal shank, poached eggs, focaccia, spinach, and hollandaise), or Speck E Tartufo Pizza (black truffle, mozzarella, ricotta – my fave, mushrooms, and soft-farmed egg).

Speck E Tartufo Pizza with Ferrari Perlé

I had the opportunity to have the Truffle Risotto and to try the Speck E Tartufo Pizza – both excellent and delicious with their Ferrari Perlé sparkling wine! It was similar to Chardonnay with a bit of almond flavor. It sparkles like gold!

Truffle Risotto with Ferrari Perlé (and my leftover Rosé)

We were then served delicious macarons and biscotti from La Centrale and shared our final toast of the afternoon with a vintage 2006 sparkling wine, called Giulio Ferrari Reserve del Fondatore – incredible! After aging more than ten years, it has an elegant and velvety flavor that I loved!

The food was incredible. The sparkling wine was incredible. What truly stood out to me at this event was the passion of Matteo and his company. I love getting behind companies that live their passions, and Ferrari Trento truly shows it through their sparkling wines.

I had the most wonderful and DELICIOUS time at La Centrale’s Bubbles and Truffles with Ferrari Trento and Urbani Truffles. If you have a chance to share a bottle of Ferrari Trento with your loved ones, I highly suggest you do so! A special thank you goes to Erica Nonni @ La Centrale for inviting me to this event! Salute!

This concludes my Bubbles and Truffles @ La Centrale Blog Post. I hope that you enjoyed my blog and please feel free to hit CONTACT to ask me any questions!


All photos are my own and are not to be used without the blogger/photographer’s permission. Thank you.


Arlo NoMad



For as long as I can remember, I’ve dreamed of having a hotel room in NYC with incredible views. When I started researching hotels in New York almost two years ago, I knew at some point I wanted to stay at the Arlo NoMad! It’s no secret that Arlo Hotels is popular among travel and social media influencers, but I just had to see what the hype was all about myself. They call themselves the “home base for the urban explorer” and I couldn’t wait to find out if this would be my new favorite NYC home base!


This past December 2019, I decided to plan an epic New York City trip for my 26th birthday to celebrate with my boyfriend Tyler, because, why not?! As our 8th and final trip of the calendar year, I knew I wanted to do something awesome! I had never experienced Christmas in NYC and I wanted to make it special. So, I booked Arlo NoMad! Let’s talk about what turned into an amazing experience!

Location: Arlo NoMad is located in the NoMad section of Manhattan, right near the Empire State Building (ESB) and Macy’s @ Herald’s Square. It places you about 3 minutes walk from the nearest Subway station – The 33rd Street Station, where you can use the green line to get you to several locations and other stations, making transit super easy! The location was also walking distance from several other awesome restaurants (Like Keen’s Restaurant), gift shops, the ESB, Park Avenue, and Macy’s!


Customer Service: When we arrived at this chic-yet-cozy boutique hotel we were immediately greeted with kind and courteous staff. One person who stood out in particular was Angie! She was outgoing, friendly and very accommodating, helping to ensure our stay was PERFECT! She even made it special with a bottle of wine and snacks which we enjoyed overlooking the views from our hotel room!



The hotel itself is tastefully decorated and lit with warm tones, so cozy! On our first night we enjoyed delicious cocktails at the second floor BarLo, and ate at the NoMad Bodega for some late night pizza – with HONEY! Don’t knock it ’til you try it; it is so good! They also feature an Italian restaurant named Massoni.


Accommodations: We had a chance to enjoy two different views from two different rooms during our stay – which gave us a well-rounded view of what Arlo NoMad has to offer! Both rooms were clean, with extremely comfortable beds, quality televisions, and cozy lighting. Both rooms were Queen Rooms with a City View; they also have several other options and ADA accessible rooms!

For the first night, our windows had a direct view of the beautiful gold-domed building and incredible skyline views! The city just lights up like nothing I’ve ever seen!


On my birthday, we stayed in a suite with a direct view of the Empire State Building – it was so close I felt like I could touch it! I enjoyed donuts in bed with a view of the Empire State Building and it was perfect! Shout out to Doughnut Plant – just a subway’s ride away!



Later that night, we went up to The Heights Rooftop Bar and took in the gorgeous views atop the Arlo NoMad – the view of the ESB is unbeatable! It looks like a Christmas Tree – HAHA, Elf reference!


In the early hours of our last morning in NYC we decided to check out the rooftop again to take in the views in daylight! Can you get any closer than this to the Empire State Building other than actually being in it?! Incredible!


During the winter, Arlo NoMad features Arlo Arctica, a rooftop bar with cozy igloos 31 stories up to hang out, meet new people, and enjoy exclusive cocktails! In addition, Arlo NoMad has several fun events each week to promote camaraderie among guests, so cool!

The views around the entire rooftop blew me away – talk about beautiful views – Arlo NoMad lived up to its hype!


Pricing: I found the pricing very reasonable for such a perfect location in NYC! Prices of course vary by time in New York, so I suggest booking early!


In summation, we had a wonderful stay at the Arlo NoMad and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a cozy place to stay in a great location in Manhattan!

This concludes my Arlo NoMad blog post. I hope that you enjoyed my blog and please feel free to hit CONTACT to ask me any questions! Please feel free to tell me about YOUR favorite donuts across the US and abroad; I love to hear from y’all!


All photos are my own and are not to be used without the blogger/photographer’s permission. Thank you.



South Florida Donut Tour



How many donuts have I had in my lifetime? Too many to count. I’ve made it one of my goals since moving to South Florida to try every donut shop, and I think I’ve managed to hit up most of them!

I’ve traveled all across South Florida looking for the BEST donuts, so Welcome to my South Florida Donut Tour – from West Palm Beach to the Florida Keys!

We will start our tour from Palm Beach County, working our way south through Broward County and Miami-Dade County, and finally ending in the Florida Keys!



wpb5 (1).jpg

Jupiter Donuts is a cute, small chain of donut shops, most recently opening a shop in Fort Lauderdale. I had the opportunity to try them because of a local friend who raved about their legacy in Palm Beach! She raves about their Red Velvet Donut – if you go early enough to score one! My snickers donut was UNREAL!

wpb2 (1).jpg





YoNutz Gourmet Donuts & Ice Cream is a small shop in Plantation, FL! They do have both donuts and ice cream! I especially loved their animal cracker donut, so cute and yummy! My churro donut was also super good!



Parlour Vegan is an AWESOME Vegan bakery in Plantation, FL. They have their own line of cake donuts and they are SO good; you would never know there wasn’t any dairy! We like the Vanilla and Cake Batter donuts and I love their coffee too! Their Instagram account is to die for – #goals. Y’all gotta check this one out!





Mojo Donuts might be the most well-known donut shop in South Florida, and for good reason! They have locations in Hollywood, FL and also in Miami, FL. They even serve Fried Chicken! The most impressive thing about these shops are their selections! They’ve been featured on large broadcasts and websites! My favorite donuts are Cinnamon Roll and Cannoli!

dandee donut factory.jpg


Dandee Donut Factory is a CLASSIC in Hollywood, FL. This diner isn’t glitzy or glamorous, but the donuts are INCREDIBLE! My favorite Sour Dream Donut (my fave donut ever), is from here; it is the best one I’ve ever had. They also have an awesome Red Velvet Donut; don’t pass up on a Dandee Donut!



The One Donut Company is a cute little donut counter that opened up at Yellow Green Market in Hollywood, FL (open on the weekends)! They have these yummy little cookie and coffee shots as well! The donuts are super colorful with fun toppings like little marshmallows! This is a must stop if you’re at the market!





Bake Shack is another adorable little diner in Hollywood, FL! They have a limited selection of donuts, but this place serves breakfast too! I suggest the S’mores Donut! It was delicious!




The Salty Donut is my favorite donut shop, EVER. First off, I started going here when they were still a Donut Trailer in Wynwood – so when they opened a shop – I was one of the first to go! I’ve been obsessed ever since! There aren’t many of their donuts I haven’t gotten to try! So here’s the skinny; they have Year Round and Seasonal donuts! Keep up with their Instagram account to see the newest additions. Of The Year Round Donuts (Traditional Buttermilk Glazed, Guava + Cheese, Homemade Nutella, Maple + Bacon, Brown Butter + Salt, White Chocolate Tres Leches) my FAVORITE is the Guava + Cheese! IT IS UNREAL & YOU CAN ONLY GET IT HERE. The Cinnamon Toast Crunch Latte is also my FAVE coffee drink. Y’all, if you’re gonna go anywhere, go here.





Velvet Creme Doughnuts is the CUTEST donut shop in Miami – hands down! It is a DREAM white and red, old-school diner counter with delicious traditional-style donuts! They share their Miami pride on Saturdays with Orange and Green glazed donuts! I LOVE this little place, and it’s right on Calle Ocho in Little Havana, so you can explore and eat your donuts while learning about Cuban culture and drinking a cortadito!


miami beach.jpg



Happy Place Donuts is a fun little shop right in Miami Beach! This bright and airy space has a small but strong selection of donuts, including a donut that looks like outer space and also a rainbow donut, ah! Right on Espanola Way, this scenic area is the perfect place to stop for a donut!






Honeybee Doughnuts is the winner of the most ADORABLE donut shop in my own opinion! They stick with their theme and their donuts are BEAUTIFUL! They are also TASTY! I LOVED the selection of Mini Donuts! My favorites were the Honeybee Glazed and the Cookies and Cream!





Glazed Donuts is a great black and white stripe themed donut shop in Key West! Go early and you will miss all of the hungover Key Westers, haha! Not only do I love the donuts here, KEY LIME PIE DONUT Y’ALL, but they have super good coffee to pick you up after a long night out on Duval Street! I was there in the wintertime and also had a delish gingerbread donut! Best maple bacon donut also goes to them – the bacon is sweet and salty!




So there you have it, all the donut shops I have visited from West Palm Beach to Key West! If there is a donut shop you LOVE, or a donut shop in South Florida that I’ve missed, please leave a comment and let me know! HAPPY DONUT EATING!

This concludes my South Florida Donut Tour. I hope that you enjoyed my blog and please feel free to hit CONTACT to ask me any questions! Please feel free to tell me about YOUR favorite donuts across the US and abroad; I love to hear from y’all!


All photos are my own and are not to be used without the blogger/photographer’s permission. Thank you.



Atlanta Mini-Weekend Guide



July 2017

Last July, Tyler and I traveled to beautiful Atlanta for a friend’s wedding, and spent an awesome mini-weekend in Atlanta! I wanted to share some of our favorite spots from this trip so y’all can enjoy them too! We can’t wait to go back someday! So here are the 10 Places in Atlanta we loved and not to miss!


  1. World of Coca-Cola


Are you a Coke or a Pepsi fan?! Honestly, I’m both! I definitely had to see the World of Coca-Cola while in ATL, it’s home base! When you enter, they give you a can of Coke, so fun! There are tons of exhibits for all ages, walking you through their history and today. There is even a room for trying all sorts of Coca-Cola products, and an awesome gift shop! You can even meet the Coca-Cola polar bear!



2. College Football Hall of Fame


Fun fact, Tyler was a college football quarterback and I was a college cheerleader! We are College Football fanatics, so we HAD to go to the College Football HOF! When you enter, you get to register your favorite team to find out fun facts along the way! We even found our college football team on the wall of helmets! As an Ohio State University fan, and Tyler an Oklahoma University fan, we LOVED all of the facts and memorabilia!


At the end, there is an indoor football field with fun challenges like kicking a field goal and quarterback challenges!

3. The Pig and The Pearl


I found this place on Instagram and had to try it! Nothing is better than some good ole’ southern cooking! I had a brisket sandwich – yum, and Tyler had a shrimp platter! Their cornbread was AMAZING! Their drinks were also delish; I had a “Georgia Peach”!

4. Skyview Atlanta


A giant ferris wheel in downtown Atlanta? This totally brought out the kid in me, and I loved it! The views of Atlanta from the top are gorgeous!

5. Revolution Doughnuts


I had heard AMAZING things about Revolution Doughnuts, and they were right! Tucked away in the CUTEST little neighborhood, these were so so good! I also had an iced Chai latte that was to-die-for! My favorite was the Toasted Almond Cake Doughnut!


6. Piedmont Park


Piedmont Park is a beautiful park with gorgeous views of downtown Atlanta! We enjoyed wandering around the park exploring, especially around Lake Clara Meer and the Meadow, where you can see beautiful views! You can also rent bikes and ride around the beautiful Atlanta Beltline – a series of trails around Atlanta!

7. Centennial Olympic Park


Did you know that Atlanta, Georgia hosted the Olympic Games in 1996? This park in Downtown Atlanta is dedicated to it, complete with a fountain of Olympic Rings with a music and light show! We stopped by here at sunset!


8. SkyLounge Atlanta

This sky bar in Atlanta has beautiful views of the city! It is so gorgeous lit up at night, so we had a drink here to take in the views!

9. Canoe Restaurant


We went to Canoe for a delicious brunch outside of Atlanta on the Chattachoochee River! Not only was breakfast delicious, but this place is GORGEOUS! There is a beautiful aqua-colored bridge just a short walk from the restaurant that is also beautiful. I would label it a MUST DO! The dinner menu is upscale with a variety of options, click the link above to see their menu!



10. Ponce City Market


Last but certainly not least, is Ponce City Market! This place is AMAZING, and another MUST DO for me! This food hall is ANYTHING but ordinary! They have TONS of amazing food vendors including a favorite of mine – Five Daughters Bakery! Head up to The Roof to The Skyline Park to find delicious foods and drinks as well as a gorgeous view of the skyline of Atlanta! This place is NOT TO MISS!



Atlanta is FULL of amazing murals and street artists! I was not blogging at the time of this trip, so I only have a few murals to share with you from this particular trip!

716 Ponce De Leon Ave NE

Ponce De Leon Ave NE – Greg Mike

Atlanta Humane Society

300 Marietta St

700 Lake Ave NE

700 Lake Ave NE

BONUS: Do yourself a favor and follow my FAVORITE bloggers from Atlanta on Instagram to get even more awesome ideas before your trip!

  • @saralongsworth
  • @sophlog


Overall, we LOVED the city of Atlanta, and we hope that you will too! Cheers to your next trip to Atlanta, Georgia!


This concludes my guide from Atlanta. I hope that you enjoyed my blog. Please like, comment and SHARE!

Feel free to hit CONTACT to ask me any questions about my trip!


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Nashville Mural Guide



Mas Tacos Mural

@ Mas Tacos

East Nashville Mural

Outside and to the Left of The Soda Parlor

Jason Woodside Mural

305 11th Ave South

I Love Donuts Mural

@ Five Daughters Bakery

Kelsey Wings Nashville Mural

302 11th Ave S

I Believe in Nashville Mural

2702 12th Ave S

Draper James Blue and White Stripes Mural

Side of Draper James – Across from I Believe in Nashville Mural

Tye-Dye Nashville Mural

2727 12th Ave S

Make Music Not War Mural

2902 12th Ave S

Wildflowers Mural

2902 12th Ave S – Across from Make Music Not War Mural

Diagonal Rainbow Mural

Overton St

Nashville Guitar Mural

915 Division St


This concludes my Wall Mural Guide from Nashville. I hope that you enjoyed my blog and please feel free to hit CONTACT to ask me any questions about my trip!


All photos are my own and are not to be used without the blogger/photographer’s permission. Thank you.


Nashville 3-Day Travel Guide



Welcome to Nashville y’all! Of all of the cities we have traveled to thus far, this may just be my favorite! I’ve always been a huge fan of country music ever since I was a little girl! My favorite artists being Shania Twain, Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, Johnny Cash, Carrie Underwood and more; so naturally Nashville, aka Music City, was the perfect vacation for us! If you have an appreciation for music and it’s roots, you’ll love Nashville too! If you enjoy drinking and bar hopping through live music and fun crowds, you’ll love Nashville too! So, let’s go to Nashville!



After arriving at Nashville International Airport (BNA), we were so happy to hear live music playing in the terminal! We headed over to our hotel, Aloft Nashville West End, which has an awesome view of downtown! We were lucky enough to have our good friends Hannah and Alec also in town for the day, so we met them for lunch at what is now one of my favorite taco spots in the U.S.!



Mas Tacos is freaking amazing. I love tacos and Mexican, but this stuff is awesome and authentic! There is indoor and outdoor seating, but be aware – no air conditioning! It was pretty hot that day, but it was totally worth it for these tacos.


I had Cast Iron Chicken Tacos, filled with skillet chicken, salsa verde, and sour cream – YUM! They even have a Fried Avocado taco *insert surprised emoji here*! I also had a Lime Cilantro Agua Fresca, amazing, and Mexican Street Corn, or Elote! Not only is the food delicious, the decor is colorful and funky with giant Christmas lights! More Tacos Please!




I’m always down for a good milkshake, so it was just perfect that The Soda Parlor was a short drive from Mas Tacos! This place is SO adorable – reminds me of a 50’s soda shop!


I had a Son-Of-Reese’s milkshake, a chocolate and peanut butter malt topped with whipped cream and a Reese’s cup!


Tyler had a Master Commander, a root beer float! This place is so cute and also delicious! The East Nash mural is also right outside!



Y’all, there aren’t enough words to describe how much I loved The Bluebird Cafe. When I was researching Nashville I knew this was somewhere I needed to go, and boy was I right. First off, The Bluebird Cafe is a music venue in a strip mall in Nashville, but is is SO much more than that. Local singers and songwriters play here, and we were lucky enough to get tickets for a Friday night show.


The specifics about their reservations can be found on the link I’ve shared above, I waited almost 2 hours in the online ticket queue for ours, but it was so worth it. They sell out, AND FAST. If you get in through the Queue you’ll pick seats from the limited tables! If you aren’t lucky enough to get a ticket online (going on sale either one week in advance, or on the Monday the week of the show) you can take your chances and wait in line at the door, but get there early! Anyone showing up with tickets lines up on the LEFT; anyone hoping to score a seat lines up on the RIGHT. The tickets are FREE.


Now, on to the show. We were lucky enough to have an amazing group of artists the night we were there – J.T. Harding, Phil Barton, Jesse Lee, and Bobby Hamrick! My favorite song was “Coconuts” by Bobby Hamrick – hoping we will hear it on the radio soon! This was an “In The Round” performance, meaning the performers were in the middle of the room of the small intimate venue. An “In The Row” performance is on the stage. Food and drinks are available – I had deviled eggs and Tennessee Brew Works beers. I can tell you that is is about 2 hours of pure musical magic. We laughed, we cried – pure bliss for anyone who appreciates intimate music venues. Many famous musicians have been discovered or played here such as Garth Brooks, Taylor Swift, Faith Hill, and more.



We hit up Lower Broadway – the area of Broadway closest to the Cumberland River with all of the famous Nashville bars – every night! I’ll tell you about my favorite bars here:

Tin Roof – a cool vibe with Christmas Lights, lots of color, live bands, and bikes hanging from the ceiling!

Honky Tonk Central – this was our favorite bar on Lower Broad! Definitely a 20-something scene, but this place has 3 floors of live music, open air balconies, and the drinks are flowing! We returned here every night, and even tipped a little more to hear Folsom Prison Blues by Johnny Cash!


Robert’s Western World – This place is a real-deal honky tonk, so if you want to hear fiddle and steel guitar, you’ll probably hear it here! It’s a cozy place with paintings of the great country artists of all time on the walls!


Tootsie’s – This is probably one of the most famous bars in Nashville, and for good reason! This purple colored building has an awesome venue space, however it was pretty PACKED! Well, when we went upstairs and found Kid Rock playing, I guess we found out why! Too cool!


The Stage – This place has awesome acoustics and we caught an awesome band here and live fiddle! Loved it!

Broadway is a lot of fun because there is music day and night! There is always something going on and lots of people watching!


There were plenty of other awesome bars, including new ones like Ole Red, Whiskey Row, Jason Aldean’s, and FGL house – which we hope to hit up next time!





I love Biscuit Love, but do not come here unless you’re willing to wait in a long line! I was, and the food was really awesome, but there are for sure other places in Nashville to find biscuits, so plan accordingly! 🙂 Biscuit Love is super cute and known for it’s Bonuts and Nashville sign!


We waited about 1 hr 15 minutes on a Saturday morning! I had the Bonuts, which are phenomenal! They are fried biscuit dough with lemon mascarpone and blueberry compote! (This is a lot and can be eaten by itself!) I also had to try their Biscuit and Gravy – yum! The biscuits are fluffy and flaky, just perfect. Tyler had the East Nasty, fried chicken, cheddar, gravy and biscuits – He liked it a lot! I also had an iced chai, delish!


After, we walked over to the Kelsey Montague Wings mural – featured later. Be prepared to wait 30-40 minutes to get your shot with this one too!



We changed up our plans a little bit after a downpour, and decided to head over to the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum! We both love history AND music, so this place was awesome! They had a Shania Twain exhibit, and a Faith Hill and Tim McGraw exhibit, which I loved! It was really awesome to read, hear, and see the history of Country Music come alive in this museum – from the beginning to now!




I LOVE JOHNNY CASH, so for me, the Johnny Cash Museum was a MUST DO. Located right off Lower Broadway, this museum is small, but packed with memorabilia of the Man in Black himself, and his love, June Carter Cash. This museum was amazing because there are so many interactive experiences – with headphones and a photo booth!




The Grand Ole Opry began as a radio broadcast in 1925, and it still is a live broadcast today! This huge venue, located outside of downtown, has hosted massive Country Legends, and we were lucky enough to catch a show featuring Trace Adkins! It’s nicknamed The Home of Country Music and Country’s Most Famous Stage. If you get a chance to see The Opry, I’m labeling this a MUST DO if you love Country Music! You’ll get to see a live show broadcast over WSM and you might even see one of your favorite artists! You’ll see people of all ages here, so awesome!


After the Opry, we hit up Lower Broad again!





In the area known as 12 South, we headed over to Five Daughters Bakery, because DONUTS, actually, 100-Layer Donuts! They are totally delicious, with sweet icing and flaky laters – mouth-watering! The building itself is adorable with turquoise, white, and pink everywhere! They even have little photo displays outside for photo ops!





I needed to have some good ole’ bbq while in Nashville, and Edley’s BBQ didn’t disappoint! This is also in the 12 South area, so it was a short walk from Five Daughters Bakery in between mural hunting! This place is a “Tribute to All Things Southern”. I had a brisket platter with potato salad, baked beans, and cornbread – WOW.




The Ryman. This is the place where Johnny met June, nuff said. Originally a tabernacle, this became the home of the Opry after being a home for traveling acts, and after being saved from destruction, is still a beautiful venue today!

We did a guided backstage tour, totally worth it! Self guided tours are also available. We even had our photo taken at the Mother Church of Country Music – exactly where Johnny and June stood!


music city walk of fame.jpg


Of course I had to walk the Music City Walk of Fame to see all of my favorite country music artists and the greats! Stop by and snap a few photos on your favorite STAR!




After hitting up Lower Broad and Boot Barn to get a new pair of boots in Nashville, we walked over to the Tennessee State Capitol, because I’ve made a goal recently to see every state capitol building! This building is BEAUTIFUL, so we snapped a photo and headed back to the hotel! We went back out on Lower Broadway that night!




In the morning we walked the Pedestrian Bridge to get some awesome views of Nashville before we left for the airport! We attempted to eat at Hattie B’s, but the line was so long we ended up having to leave – next time!



Mas Tacos Mural

@ Mas Tacos

East Nashville Mural

Outside and to the Left of The Soda Parlor

Jason Woodside Mural

305 11th Ave South

I Love Donuts Mural

@ Five Daughters Bakery

Kelsey Wings Nashville Mural

302 11th Ave S

I Believe in Nashville Mural

2702 12th Ave S

Draper James Blue and White Stripes Mural

Side of Draper James – Across from I Believe in Nashville Mural

Tye-Dye Nashville Mural

2727 12th Ave S

Make Music Not War Mural

2902 12th Ave S

Wildflowers Mural

2902 12th Ave S – Across from Make Music Not War Mural

Diagonal Rainbow Mural

Overton St

Nashville Guitar Mural

915 Division St

Overall, Nashville was an AMAZING experience, and definitely a place I would go over and over again!

This concludes my Itinerary from Nashville. I hope that you enjoyed my blog and please feel free to hit CONTACT to ask me any questions about my trip!


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I am really into travel reading, and so here are some of the sources I used to plan my trip! Hopefully they can help you plan yours as well!