South Florida Donut Tour



How many donuts have I had in my lifetime? Too many to count. I’ve made it one of my goals since moving to South Florida to try every donut shop, and I think I’ve managed to hit up most of them!

I’ve traveled all across South Florida looking for the BEST donuts, so Welcome to my South Florida Donut Tour – from West Palm Beach to the Florida Keys!

We will start our tour from Palm Beach County, working our way south through Broward County and Miami-Dade County, and finally ending in the Florida Keys!



wpb5 (1).jpg

Jupiter Donuts is a cute, small chain of donut shops, most recently opening a shop in Fort Lauderdale. I had the opportunity to try them because of a local friend who raved about their legacy in Palm Beach! She raves about their Red Velvet Donut – if you go early enough to score one! My snickers donut was UNREAL!

wpb2 (1).jpg





YoNutz Gourmet Donuts & Ice Cream is a small shop in Plantation, FL! They do have both donuts and ice cream! I especially loved their animal cracker donut, so cute and yummy! My churro donut was also super good!



Parlour Vegan is an AWESOME Vegan bakery in Plantation, FL. They have their own line of cake donuts and they are SO good; you would never know there wasn’t any dairy! We like the Vanilla and Cake Batter donuts and I love their coffee too! Their Instagram account is to die for – #goals. Y’all gotta check this one out!





Mojo Donuts might be the most well-known donut shop in South Florida, and for good reason! They have locations in Hollywood, FL and also in Miami, FL. They even serve Fried Chicken! The most impressive thing about these shops are their selections! They’ve been featured on large broadcasts and websites! My favorite donuts are Cinnamon Roll and Cannoli!

dandee donut factory.jpg


Dandee Donut Factory is a CLASSIC in Hollywood, FL. This diner isn’t glitzy or glamorous, but the donuts are INCREDIBLE! My favorite Sour Dream Donut (my fave donut ever), is from here; it is the best one I’ve ever had. They also have an awesome Red Velvet Donut; don’t pass up on a Dandee Donut!



The One Donut Company is a cute little donut counter that opened up at Yellow Green Market in Hollywood, FL (open on the weekends)! They have these yummy little cookie and coffee shots as well! The donuts are super colorful with fun toppings like little marshmallows! This is a must stop if you’re at the market!





Bake Shack is another adorable little diner in Hollywood, FL! They have a limited selection of donuts, but this place serves breakfast too! I suggest the S’mores Donut! It was delicious!




The Salty Donut is my favorite donut shop, EVER. First off, I started going here when they were still a Donut Trailer in Wynwood – so when they opened a shop – I was one of the first to go! I’ve been obsessed ever since! There aren’t many of their donuts I haven’t gotten to try! So here’s the skinny; they have Year Round and Seasonal donuts! Keep up with their Instagram account to see the newest additions. Of The Year Round Donuts (Traditional Buttermilk Glazed, Guava + Cheese, Homemade Nutella, Maple + Bacon, Brown Butter + Salt, White Chocolate Tres Leches) my FAVORITE is the Guava + Cheese! IT IS UNREAL & YOU CAN ONLY GET IT HERE. The Cinnamon Toast Crunch Latte is also my FAVE coffee drink. Y’all, if you’re gonna go anywhere, go here.





Velvet Creme Doughnuts is the CUTEST donut shop in Miami – hands down! It is a DREAM white and red, old-school diner counter with delicious traditional-style donuts! They share their Miami pride on Saturdays with Orange and Green glazed donuts! I LOVE this little place, and it’s right on Calle Ocho in Little Havana, so you can explore and eat your donuts while learning about Cuban culture and drinking a cortadito!


miami beach.jpg



Happy Place Donuts is a fun little shop right in Miami Beach! This bright and airy space has a small but strong selection of donuts, including a donut that looks like outer space and also a rainbow donut, ah! Right on Espanola Way, this scenic area is the perfect place to stop for a donut!






Honeybee Doughnuts is the winner of the most ADORABLE donut shop in my own opinion! They stick with their theme and their donuts are BEAUTIFUL! They are also TASTY! I LOVED the selection of Mini Donuts! My favorites were the Honeybee Glazed and the Cookies and Cream!





Glazed Donuts is a great black and white stripe themed donut shop in Key West! Go early and you will miss all of the hungover Key Westers, haha! Not only do I love the donuts here, KEY LIME PIE DONUT Y’ALL, but they have super good coffee to pick you up after a long night out on Duval Street! I was there in the wintertime and also had a delish gingerbread donut! Best maple bacon donut also goes to them – the bacon is sweet and salty!




So there you have it, all the donut shops I have visited from West Palm Beach to Key West! If there is a donut shop you LOVE, or a donut shop in South Florida that I’ve missed, please leave a comment and let me know! HAPPY DONUT EATING!

This concludes my South Florida Donut Tour. I hope that you enjoyed my blog and please feel free to hit CONTACT to ask me any questions! Please feel free to tell me about YOUR favorite donuts across the US and abroad; I love to hear from y’all!


All photos are my own and are not to be used without the blogger/photographer’s permission. Thank you.


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