Miami Foodie Guide


We lived in South Florida for four years and some of the best food in the United States is definitely in Miami! I’m breaking down my FAVORITE twelve foodie spots in Miami, Florida. These are places I was a repeat-eater at and recommend if you’re planning a trip, or if you live there and haven’t tried them yet!

I tried to break this list down to ten, but I had to have twelve!


So here we go…



Ooh Raw! is a cute little tropical spot located in Wynwood in Miami. They have poké bowls and these delicious giant pineapple açaí bowls! The only thing I don’t love? It’s pretty pricey. You can definitely share one of these with a friend!



Coyo Taco is another one of my favorites in the Wynwood area! Their tacos are amazing and they have a delicious salsa bar as well! Oh, and delicious margaritas! Need I say more?



Fireman Derek’s is a sweet-tooth’s dream come true! They have the best pies around and their location is so super adorable and colorful. This location is also in the Wynwood area!


Santo Dulce has a cute little food truck in the Wynwood Yard. They make these insane churro sundaes that are SO delicious – and totally photogenic! Ha!



Midtown Creamery, in you guessed it, Midtown, is such a fun little spot! They have so many cool sundaes and treats, but I’m a sucker for their bubble waffle cones – to die for!



Morgan’s Restaurant in between Midtown and Wynwood is the CUTEST brunch spot! It’s a house that they transformed into a restaurant and they have some of the best breakfast food I’ve ever had! Definitely a great spot for friends to meet up! Mimosas anyone?



If you’re staying on Miami Beach, look no further than The Local House for breakfast or brunch! This cute little spot delivers up some delish mimosas and the pancakes … just wow!




OTL is a fun spot in the Miami Design District to have a cup of Joe or some avocado toast! Not only is the food delicious, the turquoise tables are a huge hit on Instagram! This a fun spot for a coffee date with a friend.


IMG_5409 3

Dreamer Miami is an Instagram paradise! They have the CUTEST café with yummy matcha drinks, smoothies, açaí bowls and more!



Another favorite spot at Brickell City Centre is Tacology! Their menu concept is so cool; they have iPad’s that you order your food on… and it comes out within MINUTES. It’s so fast, and it allows you to continuously order more drinks and food! They have tacos, eloté, guac, awesome margs and more … such a great spot for friends!




Okay, 1-800-Lucky is definitely one of the MUST DO spots if you’re hitting up Miami! This cute little asian-fusion spot has so many options … ramen, poké, bbq, wok, dim sum, and sushi. Not to mention, in the outdoor section there is Taiyaki NYC where you can get dole whip and fish shaped cones with unicorn or matcha ice cream flavors!





If you’ve followed me on social media for some time, you already know I love The Salty Donut. I’ve been going to eat their donuts since they were in a tiny trailer, and now they have multiple stores and are even expanding to my new home of Dallas, Texas. This place is the bees-knees. I mean it. They put so much attention and detail into the flavors and textures of their donuts – they are works of art, and they are delicious. DO NOT miss this spot if you’re traveling to Miami, promise you won’t regret it!

That’s all folks! I hope you will find this guide useful for your next trip to Miami!


This concludes my Miami Foodie Guide blog post. I hope that you enjoyed my blog and please feel free to hit CONTACT to ask me any questions! Please feel free to tell me about YOUR travels across the US and abroad; I love to hear from y’all!


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La Centrale – Bubbles and Truffles


Who loves Italian food, truffles, and sparkling wine?! ME! I am so excited to share with y’all about an amazing event that I attended this past Friday, February 22nd, 2018!


I was invited to an event named, “Bubbles and Truffles” at La Centrale, a Miami Italian Food Hall at Brickell City Centre. I was already a huge fan of this place, and I definitely recommend a visit if you’re traveling to Miami!


Over the last few years, I have been discovering a new love of WINE! So I was so excited to try a new brand, learn about their process, and taste their wine! Ferrari Trento hosted the event with La Centrale and Urbani Truffles to pair their sparkling wine with delicious truffle dishes!

Let’s get to the dishes and sparkling wines shall we?!

When we arrived to the event, we were immediately greeted with a glass of Ferrari Brut, crafted in mountainside vineyards in Italy. Matteo Lunelli, the President of Ferrari Trento, graciously welcomed us and informed us that this particular sparkling wine is often used for celebrations in Italy. How cool is that? This was probably my favorite sparkling wine, the bubbles were fine and the wine was tasty. I just love the way it sparkles! I was so happy to have been gifted with a bottle for home for my next celebration!

Ferrari Trento began in 1902 with a man named Giulio Ferrari – who wanted to compete with French Champagnes by creating a sparkling wine in the Trentino Mountains in Italy. Bruno Lunelli became the successor of Ferrari Trento, and Matteo Lunelli, the President of Ferrari Trento today, continued on the tradition as the 3rd generation of Lunelli’s to share the passion of their company.

Urbani Truffles began in 1852 with a man named Constantine Urbani, who began exporting fresh truffles from Italy to France.

After we had been seated, we were served Ferrari Perle Rosé Riserva. FANTASTIC! I’m already a huge fan of Rosé and this sparkling Rosé wine was just perfect. It was fresh and fruity, with the flavor of sweet almonds, and I loved the copper color.

The Ferrari Perle Rosé Riserva was served with La Cesare (Caesar Salad), Beef Carpaccio with black truffles and dijon mustard (incredible!), and Blueberry Flatbread (mascarpone, gorgonzola, almonds and honey – oh my goodness!). They were all absolutely fantastic and expertly paired!

Blueberry Flatbread
La Cesare
Beef Carpaccio

Matteo spoke about the importance of family and the significance of sitting down as a family to share a meal and sparkling wine. He spoke of the Italians’ way of appreciating the time spent with each other and taking the time to slow down, eat, drink, and enjoy. I really appreciated this and feel that is something I need to do more of in my own life!

Matteo spoke before each wine and plate pairing about the expert way in which they produce their wines in the Trentino Mountains of Italy. I especially loved learning about the way the sparkling wine is made and aged – as it is different than champagne and other wines.

As we moved on to our main course, we had the choice of Truffle Risotto with Urbani Truffles, Ossobuco Benedict (veal shank, poached eggs, focaccia, spinach, and hollandaise), or Speck E Tartufo Pizza (black truffle, mozzarella, ricotta – my fave, mushrooms, and soft-farmed egg).

Speck E Tartufo Pizza with Ferrari Perlé

I had the opportunity to have the Truffle Risotto and to try the Speck E Tartufo Pizza – both excellent and delicious with their Ferrari Perlé sparkling wine! It was similar to Chardonnay with a bit of almond flavor. It sparkles like gold!

Truffle Risotto with Ferrari Perlé (and my leftover Rosé)

We were then served delicious macarons and biscotti from La Centrale and shared our final toast of the afternoon with a vintage 2006 sparkling wine, called Giulio Ferrari Reserve del Fondatore – incredible! After aging more than ten years, it has an elegant and velvety flavor that I loved!

The food was incredible. The sparkling wine was incredible. What truly stood out to me at this event was the passion of Matteo and his company. I love getting behind companies that live their passions, and Ferrari Trento truly shows it through their sparkling wines.

I had the most wonderful and DELICIOUS time at La Centrale’s Bubbles and Truffles with Ferrari Trento and Urbani Truffles. If you have a chance to share a bottle of Ferrari Trento with your loved ones, I highly suggest you do so! A special thank you goes to Erica Nonni @ La Centrale for inviting me to this event! Salute!

This concludes my Bubbles and Truffles @ La Centrale Blog Post. I hope that you enjoyed my blog and please feel free to hit CONTACT to ask me any questions!


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