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For as long as I can remember, I’ve dreamed of having a hotel room in NYC with incredible views. When I started researching hotels in New York almost two years ago, I knew at some point I wanted to stay at the Arlo NoMad! It’s no secret that Arlo Hotels is popular among travel and social media influencers, but I just had to see what the hype was all about myself. They call themselves the “home base for the urban explorer” and I couldn’t wait to find out if this would be my new favorite NYC home base!


This past December 2019, I decided to plan an epic New York City trip for my 26th birthday to celebrate with my boyfriend Tyler, because, why not?! As our 8th and final trip of the calendar year, I knew I wanted to do something awesome! I had never experienced Christmas in NYC and I wanted to make it special. So, I booked Arlo NoMad! Let’s talk about what turned into an amazing experience!

Location: Arlo NoMad is located in the NoMad section of Manhattan, right near the Empire State Building (ESB) and Macy’s @ Herald’s Square. It places you about 3 minutes walk from the nearest Subway station – The 33rd Street Station, where you can use the green line to get you to several locations and other stations, making transit super easy! The location was also walking distance from several other awesome restaurants (Like Keen’s Restaurant), gift shops, the ESB, Park Avenue, and Macy’s!


Customer Service: When we arrived at this chic-yet-cozy boutique hotel we were immediately greeted with kind and courteous staff. One person who stood out in particular was Angie! She was outgoing, friendly and very accommodating, helping to ensure our stay was PERFECT! She even made it special with a bottle of wine and snacks which we enjoyed overlooking the views from our hotel room!



The hotel itself is tastefully decorated and lit with warm tones, so cozy! On our first night we enjoyed delicious cocktails at the second floor BarLo, and ate at the NoMad Bodega for some late night pizza – with HONEY! Don’t knock it ’til you try it; it is so good! They also feature an Italian restaurant named Massoni.


Accommodations: We had a chance to enjoy two different views from two different rooms during our stay – which gave us a well-rounded view of what Arlo NoMad has to offer! Both rooms were clean, with extremely comfortable beds, quality televisions, and cozy lighting. Both rooms were Queen Rooms with a City View; they also have several other options and ADA accessible rooms!

For the first night, our windows had a direct view of the beautiful gold-domed building and incredible skyline views! The city just lights up like nothing I’ve ever seen!


On my birthday, we stayed in a suite with a direct view of the Empire State Building – it was so close I felt like I could touch it! I enjoyed donuts in bed with a view of the Empire State Building and it was perfect! Shout out to Doughnut Plant – just a subway’s ride away!



Later that night, we went up to The Heights Rooftop Bar and took in the gorgeous views atop the Arlo NoMad – the view of the ESB is unbeatable! It looks like a Christmas Tree – HAHA, Elf reference!


In the early hours of our last morning in NYC we decided to check out the rooftop again to take in the views in daylight! Can you get any closer than this to the Empire State Building other than actually being in it?! Incredible!


During the winter, Arlo NoMad features Arlo Arctica, a rooftop bar with cozy igloos 31 stories up to hang out, meet new people, and enjoy exclusive cocktails! In addition, Arlo NoMad has several fun events each week to promote camaraderie among guests, so cool!

The views around the entire rooftop blew me away – talk about beautiful views – Arlo NoMad lived up to its hype!


Pricing: I found the pricing very reasonable for such a perfect location in NYC! Prices of course vary by time in New York, so I suggest booking early!


In summation, we had a wonderful stay at the Arlo NoMad and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a cozy place to stay in a great location in Manhattan!

This concludes my Arlo NoMad blog post. I hope that you enjoyed my blog and please feel free to hit CONTACT to ask me any questions! Please feel free to tell me about YOUR favorite donuts across the US and abroad; I love to hear from y’all!


All photos are my own and are not to be used without the blogger/photographer’s permission. Thank you.


New York City – Perfect Four Day Itinerary



I am so incredibly excited to share with you my four days in NYC! It was my VERY FIRST TIME in the city, and my itinerary went – almost – flawlessly, so I want to share it with you! Before the trip, I encourage you to buy CityPASS, a booklet with many different tickets for the most popular attractions – this saved us a ton of money and was totally worth it. So here it is, My New York City – Perfect Four Day Itinerary!


We arrived at La Guardia airport in Queens, and uber’d into the city, as there is no subway access from this airport! On our way from the airport to our hotel, we were able to see the Empire State Building – included in CityPASS if you so choose to visit. We arrived at our hotel – Row Hotel NYC, and then immediately hit the subway for the first time! I recommend getting the MetroCard – we got the 7 days for around $30, awesome!


For our first stop on the trip, we went to The High Line – a relatively new park in NYC, made from an old subway train route! There are plenty of camera-ready spots with a beautiful view of the Hudson! We caught sunset here (SEE BELOW). While walking The High Line, we wandered into Chelsea Market where we had DELICIOUS tacos @ Los Tacos No. 1 *must have*.


We journeyed over to Washington Square Park where we saw the Washington Arch. Some of my favorite foodie places were here! I had cookie dough in a pink cone @ DO; We had Salty Pimp and Bea Arthur cones @ Big Gay Ice Cream; and finally amazing Banana Pudding @ Magnolia Bakery. We ended our sweet fix with dinner @ the “best pizza in NYC” – Keste Pizza & Vino.

      @ DO                                           Big Gay Ice Cream

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset
Keste Pizza and Vino


On our second day, our great friends Amanda and Ryan came to meet us in NYC for their first time as well! It was time to hit the streets for a true New York experience. This day is very heavy with walking, so feel free to break it up as you choose! We started our morning with The Statue of Libery and Ellis Island (This is a separate ferry than the Staten Island Ferry, that you must pay for). We used our CityPASS!


We rode the Ferry past the Statue of Liberty and were able to get some great photos! You can stop and get off on the island to see the statue up close *Crown tickets are sold separately and sell out fast*, however we decided to head over to Ellis Island!


IMG_1199If you’ve read my ABOUT ME section, you probably already know that I’m really into historical places, so this was a MUST DO for me. We used our CityPASS which includes both The Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. The museum includes the Great Hall where the immigrants first arrived, and several exhibits with stories and relics from all time periods since it opened. If you choose, there is a separate paid tour to see more of the island. Not to mention this place has great views of Manhattan! This was a really cool and emotional experience, to think about what so many people did and went through just to be an American.



This was definitely one of the coolest little areas in NYC, and it’s even taking over part of Little Italy now! We stopped here for lunch @ Tasty Dumplings, totally yummy. I’m pretty sure they were around 10 for $4, can you beat that?

The yellow awning is @ Tasty Dumpling



This was by far, my favorite place and the rest of my crew agreed. This is an incredibly emotional experience, and it should be. 9/11 was a heart-wrenching, terrible event in American history. I was in the third grade, and this is one of the days I remember most vividly, so coming to this place was incredibly moving. It is a testament to the American way, our strength, our pride, and our ability to get back up and keep going. I feel so much pride for New York and the people who live there and experienced this tragedy.

We not only visited the Reflecting Pools, saw the One World Trade Center up close, but our favorite part was the 9/11 Memorial and Museum (with our CityPASS). We purchased the headsets with audio tour at the front desk, around $7 – ABSOLUTELY WORTH IT. This museum is hands-down the best one I’ve been to; it is incredibly well-done and respectful, as well as informative with a ton of mementos and artifacts. I am labeling this a *MUST DO*.


We wandered over to Wall Street to be apart of the New York life, the Financial District. The streets were buzzing with professionals, young and old! We were able to walk down original brick streets, see the New York Stock Exchange, Federal Hall (the birthplace of American Democracy), see the Charging Bull and the Fearless Girl – my favorite!

         @ Charging Bull                                   Fearless Girl



No trip to New York would be a trip to New York without walking the Brooklyn Bridge! Walking it during sunset was BEAUTIFUL. I always love doing a “follow-me-to” photo, and this was a perfect spot. We walked over to Brooklyn Bridge Park and caught the sunset with a glimmering view of the city lights coming on – this isn’t easy to get to right from the bridge, so make sure to open up your maps or ask a local!


This stands for Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass, and is a beautiful spot for photography! I was so glad we got there just in time before the sun had set! There are two famous pizza places here that we didn’t get to check out, but were suggestions from friends (Juliana’s and Grimaldi’s).

You can find this exact spot at the intersection of Front Street and Washington Street!


No downtown trip in NYC would be complete without Little Italy! We went to Lombardi’s for pizza and drinks, and then headed over to Ferrara Bakery for delicious cannoli and gelato (highly recommend).



We started our our third day a little later – mostly because we were tired from day two! We originally planned to stop at Ess-A-Bagel (a recommendation from a friend), however when we got there we discovered it was closed for Yom Kippur, so we headed over to our next stop.


Although I’ve heard an argument for the best views of NYC from many people, after a lot of research, I decided my personal favorite was Top of the Rock – so that’s where we went first on day three! (The photo from the beginning of this blog is also from here.) We got there around 10 am – and barely any wait! We used our CityPASS once again. The views were incredible, and we were able to see both Central Park & Midtown to Downtown!

In the same area you can find The Rockefeller Center Plaza with the Atlas Statue. Right across the street is the famous St. Patrick’s Cathedral, absolutely beautiful!

grandcentral.jpgOne of the prettiest buildings I have been into was Grand Central Terminal – a main hub for subway travel in NYC. I was stunned by the beauty of the ceiling and the clock in the center – made of Tiffany and Co. glass.


For lunchtime, we headed over to the Flatiron District! We ate @ Eataly, a massive italian food market right next to the Flatiron Building! We ate at the “Pasta” restaurant inside, be prepared for a wait here, but there is plenty to do while you wait – like cheese and wine tasting!


Kate Spade New York

After lunch, we took the subway back to Midtown for sweets and shopping! I HAD to have a famous cupcake @ Sprinkles! Their cupcake ATM is adorable! We then headed over to 5th Avenue and Madison Avenue for some shopping @ my favorite – Kate Spade New York, and Amanda’s favorite – Michael Kors. For dinner we had giant juicy burgers, towering milkshakes, & delicious mason jar margaritas and beer @ Black Tap Midtown.



We started our morning with breakfast @ City Kitchen – a fun little food market within our hotel – Row Hotel NYC. One place even serves tortilla chips and salsa (My favorite thing) with breakfast! Amanda and I opted for my favorite… donuts @ Dough! I had nutella and cinnamon sugar! Amanda had lemon poppy and horchata! The location is really fun too with great stools overlooking city life!


Bow Bridge

This is definitely my SECOND favorite part of NYC, Central Park. It was so beautiful. We started @ Columbus Circle (you can take the subway directly here). Grab a map when you first walk into the park at the kiosk (around $2). First we walked north where you’ll see a ton of people lying on giant rocks (literally), but a great spot for photos! Then we walked The Mall, a beautiful pathway of trees intertwining overhead. Next we walked through the gorgeous Bethesda Terrace to the Bethesda Fountain, a must-see, and finally over to Bow Bridge and the Loeb Boathouse. From Bow Bridge you can also see the Plaza Hotel and all of the row-boaters on the lake.


Serendipity, yes, from the famous movie. This was such an awesome experience. We walked right in and sat down – although I hear that isn’t typical for this famous spot in Midtown! This pink and sparkling place was so much fun. We had chicken pot pie, and the world famous dessert – FROZEN HOT CHOCOLATE. It is heavenly.


One of my favorite things is wall art, and no matter where I go, I always try and find local murals! These were a few of my favorites from NYC:

Flower Mural – @ 250 Mulberry St
Heart Mural @ Little Cupcake Bakeshop
Kelsey Montague Wand Mural @ Cafe Gitane
Heart by Hektad @ 31 E. 1st Street
American Flag Wall – somewhere in Little Italy (Message me if you know address!)
Audrey Hepburn @ 176 Mulberry St.


Who wouldn’t want to be Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s even for a moment? My dream came true, as Tyler took me to Tiffany and Co. (the original on 5th Ave) to pick out my anniversary present! This is a must-stop for any Tiffany lover like myself!


Since we stayed in Times Square, we walked through here many times! The bright lights and people watching are top-knotch, however this was my least favorite part of the city. I am not one for massive crowds, so this is a one-time stop by my recommendation! Although it’s a must-see, there are way too many places here that you can see or shop anywhere else, and I suggest journeying deeper into the city for a true experience!

This concludes my Itinerary from NYC. I hope that you enjoyed my blog and please feel free to hit CONTACT to ask me any questions about my trip!


All photos are my own and are not to be used without the blogger/photographer’s permission. Thank you.


I am really into travel reading, and so here are some of the sources I used to plan my trip! Hopefully they can help you plan yours as well!